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Alface Frisada BIO 250gr

Alface Frisada BIO


Vasco Pinto

EAN: 5609139050136

Ingredient: Lettuce



Recipes with Lettuce

There is a total of 18 recipes at Cuizeat with Lettuce

Golden Hake Fillets
Chicken Wrap with Mint Sauce
Vegan Falafel
Asparagus and Quinoa Salad
Asparagus and Quinoa Salad

with strawberries, eggs and cherry tomatoes

Detox For 2 people Low Kcal Plant Based Bio

Mushroom and Spinach Mini Quiches
Beetroot, Avocado and Humus Salad
Baked Tofu and Bean Salad
Lentil Tacos with Special Sauce
Cod Hamburgers
Cod Hamburgers

with sweet potatoes, spinach, lettuce and tomatoes

Fish For 2 people Mediterranean Low Kcal

Asparagus Muffins and Fresh Mushrooms
Quinoa Salad with Peas
Quinoa Salad with Peas

with white cabbage, broccoli, carrots, peppers and mozzarella cheese

For 2 people For 4 people Gluten Free Low Kcal Mediterranean Plant Based

Vegetable Pie
Vegetable Pie

with mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and flaxseed

Family Friendly For 4 people Low Kcal Plant Based Mediterranean Breakfast & Snacks

Avocado and Spinach Muffins
Vegetable Muffins
Filled chicken
Filled chicken

with spinach, mushrooms, cashews, lemon, flaxseed flour and sweet pepper

Paleo Diet Low Carb Diet Meat Low Carb Diet For 4 people Mediterranean

Chicken Brás with Salad Mix
Stuffed courgettes
Stuffed courgettes

with beef, mushrooms, carrots, egg, parmesan and avocado.

Paleo Diet Mediterranean For 4 people Family Friendly Meat