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Date and Peanut Balls
Date and Peanut Balls

Date and Peanut Balls

with goji, chia, grated coconut and cocoa powder

These balls are a safe haven when you have guests or on holiday days. Perfect with coffee at the end of the meal or as a pre-workout option.

20 min

110 kcal

12 doses



You will also need:

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Nutritional Information

Calories (kcal)

Energy (Kj)

/ Per Dose

110 kcal

460 Kj

Nutritional real facts per meal might have small variations from the website nutritional info.​

Preparation Instructions


Coarsely chop the peanuts using a processor or knife. Reserve.


In the processor, chop the dates (24 pcs), together with the olive oil / coconut oil, the peanut butter, the cocoa powder, the goji berries and the chia seeds until you get a homogeneous paste. Add the peanuts and wrap.


.Reserve the mixture in the refrigerator to obtain the desired consistency for molding.


Using your hands, make small balls with the prepared and refrigerated mixture. To avoid catching, moisten your hands with a little water.


After preparing the balls wrap in the grated coconut, preparing small snowballs


Book in the fridge and they are ready to serve.

Note: this recipe makes 12 balls of dates and peanuts. An individual dose is equivalent to 1 ball.

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