Special Christmas - Paleo Sweets
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Ana S. Guerreiro

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Ana S. Guerreiro, mãe de um menino lindo com 4 anos, algarvia, formada em psicologia e apaixonada pelo mundo das artes e por culinária. Mudou grande parte dos seus hábitos e abraçou um estilo de vida saudável quando decidiu ser mãe. Pouco depois, em jeito de brincadeira, criou a página Mamã Paleo,...

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Special Christmas - Paleo Sweets

Traditional sweets, in a different and healthier version!

In this recorded workshop, which will be viewed on video, no one will be left out! I want to see everyone working, but each one in his kitchen! ;) I will make 3 delicious paleo and exclusive Christmas recipes, well-known traditional sweets, in a completely different version, a little bit healthier!

There are about 27 minutes summarized, with the advantage of being able to pause and continue watching at any time when making the 3 recipes: Dreams in the Oven, Bolo Rei Paleo and Arroz Doce Low Carb. It is important to keep in mind that the actual duration of making the recipes will take longer than the duration of the video.

For the realization of this workshop, 3 chambers were placed, front, side and top view. It will cost 5.95€, without limited registration, but with access only until January 15, 2021. And don't worry about the required level, as it will always be given in a very practical, easy and fun register!

I hope you enjoy!

In Short

27 min


Price: 5.95€ (VAT included)

What will you get?

Ingredients List

Digital Recipe Cards

List of kitchen utensils

Video recording

Some of the delicious recipes!
Dreams in the Oven
Dreams in the Oven
King Paleo Cake
King Paleo Cake
Low Carb Sweet Rice
Low Carb Sweet Rice
What's inside?
galeria 3
galeria 2
Galeria 4
galeria 6
galeria 7
galeria 5
Frequently Asked Questions

How will the recorded workshop video work?

It is very simple and will not differ much from my physical workshops, with the small difference that everyone will cook all the recipes, but each one in their kitchen and whenever they want;) It will be a video given in a very practical, easy and fun register!

There will be about 27 minutes, 3 recipes and a registration fee of €5.95/person.

After paying for the registration on the Cuizeat website, you will have immediate access to the video and all the necessary information: list of ingredients, list of utensils and digital recipe cards.

The video will be available for access until January 15, 2021.

What prior organization is needed for the workshop?

If it is of interest to you to prepare the recipes, and not just to attend, it is important to ensure that you have everything that is requested for the workshop recorded and available in your kitchen: ingredients, utensils and digital recipe cards.

When and what ingredients to buy?

After paying for the workshop registration, you will also have immediate access to the list of necessary ingredients.

Did you know that you can order this list of ingredients at Cuizeat and have them delivered to you at Continente Online?

To do this, simply access the workshop on the Cuizeat website again, add the products to your shopping list and click on the "buy on the continent online" button.

Then just proceed to checkout on Continente Online and receive all products on the day and time of your choice.