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Vegan Falafel
Pink Soup
Overnight Oats
Roasted Vegetable Salad
Roasted Vegetable Salad

with pumpkin, orange, apple and brown mushrooms

For 4 people Plant Based Favorites (Month)

Zucchini, Basil and Almond Soup
Mini Sweet Potato Symbiotic Pizzas
Frying Pan Bread
Frying Pan Bread

with almond flour, coconut flour and flax seeds

Paleo Diet Bread & Pastry Breakfast & Snacks Low Carb Diet

Bulhão Pato Mushrooms and Asparagus
6 Ingredients Vegan Snickers
Chickpea Crepe
Low Carb Quesadillla with Mango Sauce
Roasted Turkey's Leg
Roasted Turkey's Leg

with roasted potatoes, paprika, oregano, bay leaf and white wine

Christmas Classic Family Friendly For 4 people For 2 people Meat

Salmon Pie
Salmon Pie

with mashed potatoes, lemon, ginger and eggs

Family Friendly Fish For 2 people For 4 people Mediterranean

Octopus Fillets with Garlic and Coriander Açorda
Pea and Mint Soup
Smoothie Bowl For Glowing Skin
Salmon with Citrus Fruit and 'Aveiotto'
Salmon with Citrus Fruit and "Aveiotto"

with fresh salmon, asparagus and poached egg

For 4 people Fish Paleo Diet

Vegetable Fritters
Tofu à Brás
Tofu à Brás

with white potatoes, saffron and vegetable cream

Family Friendly For 2 people Mediterranean Plant Based Low Kcal

Cod Ceviche with Mango and Passion Fruit
Oat and Apple Cake
Purple Soup
Purple Soup

with leek, celery, mushrooms, red cabbage, ginger and cashew

For 2 people For 4 people Gluten Free Plant Based Mediterranean Low Kcal Soups Family Friendly

Codfish with Chickpeas
Chili Vegan
Chili Vegan

with fresh mushrooms, carrots and red beans

Plant Based For 4 people Favorites (Month)