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Recipes - Gluten Free

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Pink Soup
Cod Ceviche with Mango and Passion Fruit
Spanish Mushrooms
Dark Chocolate Salami
Avocado and Mango Tartar
Chocolate muffins

with potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, seaweed and coriander

For 2 people Mediterranean Plant Based Gluten Free

Spinach, Courgette and Coriander Soup
Avocado and Spinach Muffins
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Quinoa Salad with Peas
Quinoa Salad with Peas

with white cabbage, broccoli, carrots, peppers and mozzarella cheese

For 2 people For 4 people Gluten Free Low Kcal Mediterranean Plant Based

Tuna with Roasted Vegetables
Tuna with Roasted Vegetables

with fresh tuna, pumpkin, cauliflower, green beans, orange and honey

Mediterranean Fish For 4 people Low Kcal Gluten Free

Vegan stroganoff
Vegan stroganoff

with brown mushrooms, tofu, tomatoes, basil and basmati rice

For 2 people Mediterranean Plant Based Low Kcal Gluten Free

Chickpea Cod Tortilla
Sauteed Vegetables
Cinnamon Delights
Not Cod with Cream