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Vegan Pad Thai
Sweet Potato and Mushroom Noodles
Dark Chocolate Snickers
Avocado and Mango Tartar
Best of August

Want to know what the most popular recipes were in May? Every month we share the Top of Cuizeat recipes, so that you can... read more

For 2 For 4 Plant Based Favorites


4 people


Penne Rigate with Pesto Caseiro
Roasted Vegetable Salad
Aromatic Soup
Vegan Almond Mango Mousse
Best of July

Want to know what the most popular recipes were in July? Every month we share the Top of Cuizeat recipes, so that you ca... read more

Mediterranean For 2 For 4 Favorites


4 people


Berber Omelet
Vegetable Curry
Super Nutri Bowl
Hot Chicken Salad
The Perfect Balance

The Perfect Balance combines four recipes to deliver the best flavors and nutrients to your diet.

Plant Based For 2

2 people


Green Functional Juice
Functional Sumo Rosa
Cauliflower and Cinnamon Soup
Tricolor Peppers and Cherry Tomato Soup
Detox Extreme 2 Days

Ideal for those who are motivated by a more demanding and short-lived Detox based on functional fruit and vegetable juic... read more

Detox For 1 Plant Based

1 people


Chicken Wrap with Mint Sauce
Vegan Falafel
Grain and Couscous Tabbouleh
Chicken, Dates and Bacon Kebabs
Best of June

Want to know what the most popular recipes were in June? Every month we share the Top of Cuizeat recipes, so that you ca... read more



4 people


Gazpacho with Crackers
Grilled Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
Penne Rigate with Pesto Caseiro
Marinated Salmon
Fresh flavors

Green Flavors of Fresh Flavors ... Some Bittersweet Others Intense!

Mediterranean For 2

2 people


Spinach, Courgette and Coriander Soup
Spice Meatballs and Zucchini Spaghetti
Rice Noodles with Eggplant, Tomato and Thyme
Chickpea Cod Tortilla
Gluten Free But With Everything

Varied recipes for a gluten free week.

Gluten Free For 4

4 people


Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Zucchini Cannelloni
Brás Cod with Straw Zucchini
Golden Hake Fillets
Mushroom and Spinach Quiche
4 Healthy Days

Delicious recipes, handpicked, so you can enjoy without gaining weight.

Low Kcal For 2

2 people


Tofu à Brás
Dark Chocolate Salami
Chickpeas Fried with Tomato Rice
Vegan and Traditional

Perfect and foolproof recipes for those who want to enjoy traditional food in a lighter and healthier way!

For 2 Plant Based Mediterranean

2 people


Cod Ceviche with Mango and Passion Fruit
Avocado and Mango Tartar
Chicken Curry with Ginger, Apple and Cinnamon
Green Quiche Aldrabada
Healthy and Memorable

Delicious recipes full of smells and flavours that will take you to places and times once lived, usually happy and memor... read more

Mediterranean For 4

4 people


Oat and Apple Cake
Stuffed Rice Cracker
Cupcakes with 4 Ingredients
Cereal and Apple Bars
Junior Healthy Snack

In the middle of the school year and even earlier, it is difficult for parents to vary their school snacks while keeping... read more

Breakfast & Snacks For 2 Kid Snacks For 4

4 people


Purple Soup
Kale and Red Onion Pie
Green Salad with Caramelized Oranges
Sauteed Mushroom Rolls
Gluten free but with passion

Gluten-free recipes, easy, delicious and, above all, healthy.

For 4 Gluten Free Plant Based Mediterranean

4 people


My Grandma's Stylish Healthy Cream Milk
Vegetable Pie
Buns with Spinach and Cashew Sauce
Avocado and Spinach Muffins
Easy and Healthy

Ovolactovegetarian recipes ideal also for non-vegetarian. Health-care recipes in full flavor.

For 4 Ovolactovegetarian Plant Based

4 people


Fish Curry with Cauliflower 'Rice'
Chicken Brás with Salad Mix
Cod Pie
Stuffed courgettes
Paleo For Everyone

Inspired by the Paleolithic without ever missing the three essential factors: quality, variety and flavor. Bet on a comp... read more

For 4 Paleo Diet

4 people


Mini Sweet Potato Symbiotic Pizzas
Vegan Cocoa Truffles
Tuna with Roasted Vegetables
Curcuma Drink

A plan that includes foods with anti-inflammatory properties, such as tuna, rich in omega 3, turmeric, supplier of curcu... read more

Mediterranean For 2

4 people


Grain and Couscous Tabbouleh
Tofu with Quinoa and Mango Salad
Banana and Raisin Bars
Tapioca with Cheese and Tomato
Will It Go Vegetarian?

These are my favorite vegetarian recipes and I'm sure they will be yours too! Nowadays we consume more animal protein, s... read more

Plant Based

2 people


Yogurt and Fruit Crackers
Salmon with Citrus Fruit and 'Aveiotto'
Sweet Potato and Mushroom Noodles
Comfort Broth
Comforting "Eating Out of the Box"

No processed or refined, no gluten and no sugar; very nutritious, ultra tasty recipes and best of all… quick, easy and p... read more

For 4 Paleo Diet

4 people


Carrot, Ginger and Coconut Milk Cream
Sauteed Green Bean Tofu Bifana
Grain Curry with Basmati Rice
Broccoli Peas and Galician Cabbage
Intense Flavors

Exotic mixtures, different flavors, innovative ideas that make cooking difficult. The kitchen will be flooded with a del... read more

For 2 Plant Based Mediterranean High Protein

2 people