Joana Moura

Joana Moura

Chef & Coach Reeducação Alimentar

Paleo Diet

Joana Moura, mãe de dois rapazes, é curiosa e estudiosa de todos os temas relacionados com cozinha....

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Salmon with Citrus Fruit and 'Aveiotto'
Salmon with Citrus Fruit and "Aveiotto"

with fresh salmon, asparagus and poached egg

For 4 people Fish Paleo Diet

Comfort Broth
Comfort Broth

with duroc pork loin, cassava and vegetables

Family Friendly For 4 people Meat Soups Paleo Diet Favorites (Month)

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chicken, Dates and Bacon Kebabs
Bavaroise of Red Fruits and Almond
Bavaroise of Red Fruits and Almond

with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

For 4 people Dessert Family Friendly

Tuna Pastry Stuffed Vegetable Pie
Quinoa Confetti
Quinoa Confetti

with asparagus and broccoli

For 4 people Plant Based Paleo Diet

Elf Sandwich with Cashew Humus
Apple Pie Without Base
Pumpkin Latte Hokkaido
Healthy Oreos
Healthy Oreos

with cashew, honey and cassava cornmeal filling

Dessert For 4 people Family Friendly

Yogurt and Fruit Crackers
Dried Fruit and Plums Bread
Almond Bagels