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Recipes - Quick & Easy

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Overnight Oats
Smoothie Bowl For Glowing Skin
Spanish Mushrooms
Acai and Banana Smoothie
Stuffed Rice Cracker
Berber Omelet
Berber Omelet

with fresh red peppers, tomatoes, cumin and coriander

Low Kcal Quick & Easy Bio For 2 people Family Friendly Plant Based

My Grandma's Stylish Healthy Cream Milk
Vegan Smoothie Bowl
'Coriander Rice
Spicy Gazpacho with Basil
Avocado and Egg Toast
Vegetable Wok
Vegetable Wok

with tofu, broccoli and brown mushrooms

Quick & Easy Low Kcal For 4 people Plant Based


Functional Sumo Rosa
Vegan Cocoa Truffles
Vegan Pancakes
Peanut Ice Cream
Stuffed Apple
Tuna with Beans
Smoothie Verde