Maria de Oliveira Dias

Maria de Oliveira Dias

Plantbased Chef & Health Coach

Plant Based

Maria de Oliveira Dias, mamã de um filhote de 4 anos, é consultora gastronómica e formadora de culin...

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Tofu à Brás
Dark Chocolate Salami

with potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, seaweed and coriander

For 2MediterraneanPlant BasedGluten Free

Chickpeas Fried with Tomato Rice
Dark Chocolate Snickers
Vegan stroganoff
Vegan stroganoff

with brown mushrooms, tofu, tomatoes, basil and basmati rice

For 2MediterraneanPlant BasedLow KcalGluten Free

Rice Noodles Yakisoba
Not Cod with Cream
Lentil Tacos with Special Sauce
Tofu Scrambled with Asparagus
Quinoa Malandra Mushrooms
Pasta with Spinach and Almond Bechamel
Sweet Potato and Cocoa Cookies