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Quinoa Confetti
Quinoa Confetti

Quinoa Confetti

with asparagus and broccoli

A quinoa salad with several vibrant vegetables, which can be a main vegetarian dish or a side dish.

25 min

221 kcal

4 doses


Grain Quinoa, White Onion, Brocollis, Asparagus and Soy Spouts are currently unavailable.

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You will also need:

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to taste

to taste

1/4 uni

(25 gr)

Nutritional Information

Calories (kcal)

Energy (Kj)

/ Per Dose

221 kcal

926 Kj

Nutritional real facts per meal might have small variations from the website nutritional info.​

Preparation Instructions


Rinse the quinoa thoroughly in water to remove the bitterness and drain in a wire drawer.


Place quinoa in cold water and bring to the boil, bring to the boil and bake 12 min. When cooked, cover the pan and let stand 5 min.


While quinoa is baking take the time to prepare the vegetables. Chop 1/4 onion, wash and cut broccoli and asparagus into small portions (broccoli use only foil and set aside portion of soup stalks; asparagus cut into 3cm pieces, discarding the hardest ends).


Put a large skillet over the heat, add a drizzle of olive oil and the chopped onion, let it brown. Add the broccoli and asparagus and sauté about 5 min. Add quinoa and mix well. Season with salt flower.


Serve the quinoa with sprouts or sprouts as topping.

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