Functional Chocolate Vegan Recipes
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Carolina Gomes da Silva

Blogger Cozinha Ovolactovegetariana, Fitness e Bem-Estar

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Carolina Gomes da Silva, tem 27 anos, licenciada em Economia, e mestre em Auditoria e Fiscalidade, ambos os cursos tirados na Universidade Católica do Porto. Vive no distrito de Viana do Castelo, onde nasceu, mas até há três anos esteve a viver no Porto, onde terminou a sua formação superior....

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Functional Chocolate Vegan Recipes

For everyone and for all small meals!

All the recipes presented here were created by me, and for us, with easy to access, super healthy, super tasty ingredients, most of the recipes without added sugar, highly nutritious, and extremely easy to make. They can (and should) be used on a day-to-day basis, as they help to control the cravings for sweets and reduce possible binge eating.

On the other hand, I wanted to create recipes with this E-Book for the whole family, for all people and for all small meals, namely, breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, suppers and desserts. Yes, you can basically eat any of the sweets at any time of the day. Of course, like everything in life, balance is needed. I am not saying, obviously, to start eating just those things, but to include them in your life.

I know that there is a need for most people to include sweet moments in the confusion and stress that is life, and if I can contribute a little to those moments I am immensely happy and fulfilled.

But let's move on to what really matters, my vegan recipes. There are 12 and they all have cocoa or chocolate: Pudding, Cookies, Mousse, Truffles, Pie, Cakes, Chips, Muffins, Granola and Broas. That's why I called this E-Book “Functional Chocolate Recipes for Desserts and Small Meals”.

I hope, right now, that everything is to your liking.

Price: 4.00€ (VAT included)

What will you get?

Hints and tips

12 easy-to-follow recipes

Ingredients easy-to-find

26-page e-book

Some of the Delicious Recipes!
Bolo de Banana_normal
Tarte de Chocolate 2_normal
Trufas de Amêndoa e Chocolate_normal
Cookies de coco e pepitas chocolate 2_normal
Pudim de Chia e Chocolate_normal
Broas de Castanha e cacau_normal
Frequently Asked Questions

How will i get access to the E-Book?

This e-book has 26 pages, 12 recipes and a purchase price of 4€.

After the respective payment on the Cuizeat website, you will have immediate access to the e-book in pdf format with all the necessary information: tips and suggestions and the easy-to-follow recipe instructions.

Just go back to the e-book page at Cuizeat and download the content.