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Samanta McMurray

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Plant Based

Começou o seu blog em fevereiro de 2013, depois de terminar a graduação em arquitetura. Sempre teve...

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Berber Omelet
Vegetable Curry
Super Nutri Bowl
Hot Chicken Salad
The Perfect Balance

The Perfect Balance combines four recipes to deliver the best flavors and nutrients to your diet.

Plant Based For 2

2 people


Vegan Falafel
Noodles Vegan Low Carb
Smoothie Verde
Chili Vegan
Passionately Vegan

A selection of herbal recipes that have sated and filled with love whoever tastes them.

Plant Based For 2

2 people


Avocado and Egg Toast
Roasted Vegetable Salad
Vegan Pad Thai
Mushroom and Spinach Mini Quiches
Healthy and Light

A perfect match for those looking for light, practical and healthy meals.

Plant Based Bio

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