Healthy and Vegan Snacks
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Carolina Gomes da Silva

Blogger Cozinha Ovolactovegetariana, Fitness e Bem-Estar

High Protein Ovolactovegetarian

Carolina Gomes da Silva, tem 27 anos, licenciada em Economia, e mestre em Auditoria e Fiscalidade, ambos os cursos tirados na Universidade Católica do Porto. Vive no distrito de Viana do Castelo, onde nasceu, mas até há três anos esteve a viver no Porto, onde terminou a sua formação superior....

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Healthy and Vegan Snacks

The little ones will love it and so will the grown ones!

An asset for those who have little time but like healthy recipes with lots of flavor. They are all very easy to do and can change your life. Although the workshop is about snacks and healthy snacks, they can be included at other times of the day, such as breakfasts, desserts, lunches ... it's as much as you like and convenient.

You will learn how to make recipes like pancakes, smoothies, vegan snickers, mousse with 3 ingredients and other delicious things! All ingredients are vegan, easy to find and can be eaten by the whole family. All recipes are vegans! I leave some vegetarian alternatives when needed. 

This online workshop will last for 80 minutes and will be given through the Zoom application, where there will be 2 cameras, front and top. It will cost 15€ and with limited registration. And don't worry, as there will always be a moment dedicated to clarifying doubts between the recipes. 

You'll love it! I see you soon!

In Short

17 October 10:30

80 min


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This workshop already took place.

What will you get?

List of Ingredients

Digital Recipe Cards

List of kitchen utensils

Questions and Answers

Which recipes will we cook?
6 Ingredients Vegan Snickers
6 Ingredients Vegan Snickers

with dates, peanuts, dark chocolate and almond drink

Vegan Chocolate Mousse with 3 Ingredients
Energetic Pear Puree
Energetic Pear Puree

with litter, baobab, vegetable yogurt and raspberries

4 Ingredient Pancakes
4 Ingredient Pancakes

with banana, instant oats, almond milk and dark chocolate

Nutritious Fruit Shake
Nutritious Fruit Shake

with pear, orange and ginger

Frequently Asked Questions

When and what ingredients to buy?

After paying for the workshop registration, you will have immediate access to the list of necessary ingredients.

Did you know that you can order all of these ingredients at Cuizeat and have them delivered to your home?
To do so, all you have to do is go back to the Cuizeat website and order the products from that workshop, until the Sunday immediately before the day of the workshop.

After this Sunday, unfortunately, you will no longer be able to order products at Cuizeat and receive them in time for the workshop.

What prior organization is needed for the workshop?

If it is in your interest to participate in the preparation of recipes, and not just attend, it is important to ensure that you have everything that is requested for the workshop organized and available in your kitchen: ingredients, utensils and digital recipe cards.

How will the online workshop work?

It is very simple and will not differ much from my physical workshops, with the small difference that everyone will cook all the recipes, but each one in their kitchen;) It will be live and so there will always be a little time between the recipes to ask questions and exchange ideas.

There will be 80 minutes, 5 recipes and a registration fee of 25 € / person.

After paying for the registration on the Cuizeat website, you will have immediate access to all the necessary information: list of ingredients, list of utensils and digital recipe cards. On a date closer to the event, you will receive access to participate in the workshop via the Zoom platform.