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Dourada stew
Dourada stew

Dourada stew

with tomato, bread, parsley, potato, tomato pulp and white wine

Light, healthy, fast and easy to do! Ideal for any meal time and with an absurdly Portuguese flavor!

45 min

618 kcal

4 doses



You will also need:

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Ground Chili (optional)

to taste

to taste

Nutritional Information

Calories (kcal)

Energy (Kj)

/ Per Dose

618 kcal

2,584 Kj

Nutritional real facts per meal might have small variations from the website nutritional info.​

Preparation Instructions


Cut the bream into slices and season it with coarse salt. Reserve (optionally about 30 min).


Put in a pan the oil, the sliced onion, the sliced garlic, the sliced tomatoes, the bay leaf, the piripiri (optional), the tomato pulp, the salt, the pepper and the last cut fish.


Bring the mixture to a simmer and after about 10 min cool with white wine and add the parsley and coriander.


Bring to the heat another 10 to 15 min, until the fish is cooked. Separately cook the potatoes in salted water.


Fry the 4 slices of bread in olive oil and arrange the fish over them, serving the potatoes separately.


It is ready to serve.

Note: you can also make this recipe with sea bass.