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Salmon Pate
Salmon Pate

Salmon Pate

with avocado, quark, lemon and mint

The best salmon pate that your friends will taste, and with one more advantage: it's healthy. Rich in flavor and nutrients!

10 min

232 kcal

8 doses



You will also need:

The following ingredients will not be added to your grocery list.

Rye Bread (optional)

250 gr

Rye Toast (optional)

100 gr

to taste

Nutritional Information

Calories (kcal)

Energy (Kj)

/ Per Dose

232 kcal

972 Kj

Nutritional real facts per meal might have small variations from the website nutritional info.​

Preparation Instructions


Remove the pulp from the avocado.


Wash the mint and separate the leaves.


Put all the ingredients in a blender and mash well.


Serve with a few slices of rye bread or toast, and enjoy.

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