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Pea and Mint Soup
Pea and Mint Soup

Pea and Mint Soup

with plain yogurt

This is one of my favorite soups. The comforting taste of peas and the freshness of mint are the perfect match for a delicious meal.

35 min

71 kcal

4 doses



You will also need:

The following ingredients will not be added to your grocery list.

500 mL

Nutritional Information

Calories (kcal)

Energy (Kj)

/ Per Dose

71 kcal

295 Kj

Nutritional real facts per meal might have small variations from the website nutritional info.​

Preparation Instructions


Roughly cut the 5 mint leaves, the red onion, the garlic.


Place them together with the peas in a pan and charge with previously heated water. Cook for 25 min on low heat.


Remove the pan from the heat and place the contents in a tall glass. Grind everything very well with a magic wand.


Serve hot with a tablespoon of plain yogurt on top.

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