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Plan Detox Easy 3 Dias

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Ideal for those who have never ventured into a Detox plan or are not prepared for the rigor of the Detox Extreme 2 Days Plan. This Detox plan is a 3 day juicing, souping & salad plan with the goal being to lose one pound or two that came with the holidays, but above all to find the balance of dietary rigor that seems to be fading with the temptations in the air of recent times!


1 people
9 recipes
33 doses
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Plan recipes

The plan Detox Easy 3 Dias created by Lillian Barros has 9 recipes and was developed with a specific goal in mind.

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Pear and Saffron Soup
Crunchy Chickpeas
Asparagus and Quinoa Salad
Asparagus and Quinoa Salad

with strawberries, eggs and cherry tomatoes

Detox For 2 people Low Kcal Plant Based Bio

Carrot and Orange Soup
Carrot and Carrot Salad with Beetroot Humus
Ginger, Apple and Lemon Juice
Celery, Kiwi and Apple Juice