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Peito Frango 600gr (≈3 uni)

Peito Frango

600gr (≈3 uni)


EAN: 5602005183389

Ingredient: Chicken breast



Recipes with Chicken breast

There is a total of 11 recipes at Cuizeat with Chicken breast

Chicken Rice and Vegetables
Vegetable Quinoa
Vegetable Quinoa

with chicken breasts, spinach, fresh mushrooms and oregano

Mediterranean Meat For 2 people


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Hot Chicken Salad
Hot Chicken Salad

with spinach and goat cheese

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Chicken, Dates and Bacon Kebabs
Delicious Low-Carb
Delicious Low-Carb

with chicken breast, heart cabbage, curry and rosemary

For 2 people Meat Mediterranean Family Friendly Low Carb Diet

Chicken Curry with Ginger, Apple and Cinnamon
Frango Panado with Massa Integral Garlic and Oil
Chicken nuggets
Integral Lasagna from Peru
Integral Lasagna from Peru

w / mozzarella, mushrooms, parmesan, quark and tomato pulp

Family Friendly For 4 people Meat Mediterranean

Chicken Brás with Salad Mix