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Lombos frescos de Bacalhau c/cura sal 250gr

Lombos frescos de Bacalhau c/cura sal


O Melhor Peixe do Mundo

EAN: 00635

Ingredient: Codfish



Product Description:
Peixe fresco selvagem e sustentável da zona de Sesimbra, em embarcações de pesca artesanal e não intrusivas.
Recipes with Codfish

There is a total of 8 recipes at Cuizeat with Codfish

Codfish with Chickpeas
Brás Cod with Straw Zucchini
Cod Fish & Chips
Chickpea Cod Tortilla
Cod Ceviche with Mango and Passion Fruit
Cod Hamburgers
Cod Hamburgers

with sweet potatoes, spinach, lettuce and tomatoes

Fish For 2 people Mediterranean Low Kcal

Autumn Salad with Fresh Cod
Autumn Salad with Fresh Cod

with corn, pumpkin, sweet potato, lemon and watercress

Fish For 4 people Mediterranean Low Kcal

Cod Pie
Cod Pie

with sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach, courgette, leek, parsley, coriander and coconut milk

Paleo Diet Mediterranean Family Friendly Fish For 4 people