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Brown Mushrooms

Recipes with Brown Mushrooms

There is a total of 9 recipes at Cuizeat with Brown Mushrooms

Vegetable Wok
Vegetable Wok

with tofu, broccoli and brown mushrooms

Quick & Easy Low Kcal For 4 Plant Based


Brown Mushroom Stroganoff
Roasted Vegetable Salad
Roasted Vegetable Salad

with pumpkin, orange, apple and brown mushrooms

For 4 Plant Based Bio Favorites (Month)

Mushroom and Spinach Mini Quiches
Salted Green Sleeve
Salted Green Sleeve

with Grain and Mushroom Burger

Detox For 2 Plant Based


Tofu Croquettes, Mushrooms and Leek
Quinoa Malandra Mushrooms
Vegan stroganoff
Vegan stroganoff

with brown mushrooms, tofu, tomatoes, basil and basmati rice

For 2 Mediterranean Plant Based Low Kcal Gluten Free

Asparagus Muffins and Fresh Mushrooms