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Recipes - Low Kcal

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Stuffed Apple
Tuna with Beans
Smoothie Verde
Chickpea Cod Tortilla
Aromatic Soup
Aromatic Soup

with cauliflower, coriander and leek

Detox Low Kcal Plant Based For 4 people Soups


Pecan pie
Asparagus Muffins and Fresh Mushrooms
Papaia Bowl
Sauteed Vegetables
Oatmeal Delight
Pear and Raspberry Cake
Vegetable Muffins
Fruit Snack
Fruit Snack

with plain yogurt, banana, almonds and cinnamon

Breakfast & Snacks For 4 people Low Kcal Family Friendly


Date and Peanut Balls
Not Cod with Cream
Banana and Raisin Bars
Pear Mousse and Raspberries
Asparagus and Quinoa Salad
Asparagus and Quinoa Salad

with strawberries, eggs and cherry tomatoes

Detox For 2 people Low Kcal Plant Based Bio

Onion and Mushroom Omelet
Gazpacho with Crackers